Arduino Basics – Circuit and LED Blink Hello World -IOT

Hello Folks, Let's start with one of my core interesting subject i.e. IoT (Internet Of Things). Today I'm going to focused on how to start, what needs to get start with basics of IoT and hands-on "Hello World" example. The Pre-requisite for this and next few articles are: 1. Raspberry Pi or Arduino Board - … Continue reading Arduino Basics – Circuit and LED Blink Hello World -IOT

SpringBoot and RabbitMQ Messaging – AMQP

Today, will quickly go through Spring Boot Messaging implementation using RabbitMQ - AMQP. AMQP stands for Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol. It is an open standard wire specification for asynchronous messaging based communication. It provides a description on how a message should be constructed. The widely used AMQP brokers are RabbitMQ, StormMQ and OpenAMQ. Brokers role … Continue reading SpringBoot and RabbitMQ Messaging – AMQP

Angular Compilation, Deployments and Performance analysis

Hi Folks, This article put some focus on Angular compilation and deployment in production. We will also look into angular.json file. Angular offers 2 ways to compile application Just-in-time (JIT) : complies app in browser at runtime andAhead-of-time (AOT): compiles app at build time JIT compilation is default compilation when ng build or ng serve … Continue reading Angular Compilation, Deployments and Performance analysis

JDK 8, JDK 11 Features and Lambdas cheat-sheet

Hi Folks ! I was talking to one of my friend and he told that it difficult to remember lambda functions (may be he just started hand-on) and latest changes in java versions. It motivates me to write down this article. I came across following images which shows major feature since JDK 8.0 and on-wards. … Continue reading JDK 8, JDK 11 Features and Lambdas cheat-sheet

Deploying Application In Kubernetes

Hi Folks, In my last blog, we have seen how to build a docker images and push it to Google container registry. In this blog i'm going to deploy same image on Kubernetes (K8s). Kubernetes ( is an opensource project for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Create a Cluster To create a … Continue reading Deploying Application In Kubernetes

Docker Introduction: Google Cloud

Hi Folks ! Kubernetes is an container orchestration system by Google.  I'm planning to have series of blog posts around this topic covering introduction to Docker, creation and configuring docker images and containers and deploying full fledged application to Kubernetes. Docker Basics: First released in 2013 and it is an open platform for developing, deploying … Continue reading Docker Introduction: Google Cloud

Angular 7 – Project Setup with Material Design

Hi Folks, Let's have a quick look at how to setup a Angular 7 project structure with Google Material design. Go to the command prompt or Powershell execute the below command to install angular 7 npm install -g '@angular/cli' 2.  after this install following packages npm install --save @angular/material @angular/cdk @angular/animations 3. Create a new … Continue reading Angular 7 – Project Setup with Material Design