SpringBoot and RabbitMQ Messaging – AMQP

Today, will quickly go through Spring Boot Messaging implementation using RabbitMQ - AMQP. AMQP stands for Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol. It is an open standard wire specification for asynchronous messaging based communication. It provides a description on how a message should be constructed. The widely used AMQP brokers are RabbitMQ, StormMQ and OpenAMQ. Brokers role … Continue reading SpringBoot and RabbitMQ Messaging – AMQP

Java : Singleton and Clone

Hi Folks! Does clone create a another singleton object ? We all knows that Singleton ┬ámeans creating only one instance of the Class. ┬áBut what happens when clone() method from objects class is applied on same class. Does it hamper the whole purpose of singleton , if So, is there any other ways to create … Continue reading Java : Singleton and Clone