Essentials JVM Options

Hi Folks, This article summirizes few most important JVM options or JVM arguments that can be used to monitor/debugging purposes or essential running of java application in production. Setting Java Heap SizeGarbage CollectionGarbage Collection LoggingSet Free Heap RatioHandling out of memory errorTracing of ClassloaderSetting TimeZone Setting Java Heap Size: This is widely used and most … Continue reading Essentials JVM Options

JDK 8, JDK 11 Features and Lambdas cheat-sheet

Hi Folks ! I was talking to one of my friend and he told that it difficult to remember lambda functions (may be he just started hand-on) and latest changes in java versions. It motivates me to write down this article. I came across following images which shows major feature since JDK 8.0 and on-wards. … Continue reading JDK 8, JDK 11 Features and Lambdas cheat-sheet